King Harbor Carpet Cleaning supplies a number of cleaning and restoration services to commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Marina Del Rey, California. We are fully licensed and insured to offer our professional expertise and services at affordable rates. With top rate technicians having advanced training, field experience, and remarkable skills, King Harbor Carpet Cleaning can deliver superior workmanship, with the help of high-end products and equipment exclusively available to licensed professionals. King Harbor Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to bringing our customers phenomenal experience every time they come to us for services by not only delivering maximum levels of clean, but by incorporating friendly customer service, exceptional work ethics, and high moral standards as well.

Area Rug Cleaners & Stain Removal Technicians

King Harbor Carpet Cleaning includes rug cleaning services that extend to our commercial and residential customers in the Greater Marina Del Rey, California area. Rugs can easily accumulate dirt debris, stains, and odors fairly quickly, especially in high traffic areas. Over time the buildup can cause early deterioration and the rug will look dull and dingy. Regular upkeep along with professional rug cleaning services can keep your rug in top condition, extend the life expectancy, improve the indoor air quality, and ensure your rug looks vibrant and fresh. We care for rugs of all kinds and types, whether family heirlooms composed of natural wool, silk and cotton fibers or modern synthetic and nylon area rugs. Contact King Harbor Carpet Cleaning for all your area rug cleaning needs!

Persian, Oriental & Antique Area Rugs & More in Marina Del Rey, California

If your commercial or residential rugs in Marina Del Rey, California is due for a professional rug cleaning service, contact King Harbor Carpet Cleaning. Our specialist will remove the filth, extract the stains, and neutralize the odors. Call King Harbor Carpet Cleaning today for your commercial or residential rug cleaning service!